Who we work with

The diversity amongst our clients is one of the joys of our work and we don’t like to inhibit their uniqueness.

…but we’ve picked out some characteristics that they share.

They have something on their minds they can’t quite break through. It might about people or process, culture or change, strategy or operations. Or a bit of everything.

Take it as read that our clients are all passionate, driven, engaged people who make it their focus to make the world a better place. We’re picky like that. Good intentions? We’d say they’re great.

They work in the public or third sectors, often in health or social care (but not always)

They need flexible delivery solutions which blend virtual and in-person working without any compromise on quality

They operate at or near Board level, and may ask us to work directly with them or with their frontline teams.

They are looking for someone who can help them think more clearly, unlock ideas, share skills and experience, and make it happen. They are delighted when they find that person also knows what it’s like to be in their shoes. Real. Empathetic. Understanding.

What our clients say

Have a look at our testimonials to see what our clients say about our work. 

“You enabled us to start working towards our vision”

Your knowledge and experience have evolved our thinking and enabled us to start working towards our vision. You went the extra mile by suggesting other resources which helped to move my thinking on. Thank you.

Clinical Chief Officer Clinical Commissioning Group

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Join us as we seek to re-connect the workplace with its people, uncovering the talents, resources, ideas, creativity, experience and energy of every one of us. Together, better.