Team development

In most organisations, work happens through teams.

It can be easy to take for granted that a collection of skilful individuals will make for a skilful team. This is not true. Teams run into problems when they fail to take care of the basics – what are we here to do? How do we organise the work so that our roles complement each other and our purpose? How do we want to show up and feel like we belong? How are we doing? What changes do we need to make? When we neglect the health of our team, we under-perform. We help you and your team to see itself in a new light. We use validated approaches to understand current team performance and dynamics. We place particular emphasis on nurturing a climate for growth, grounded in our expert knowledge about psychological safety and its role in team learning. We use the evidence on high-performing teams to co-design solutions that are inclusive and empowering for all team members. This might include team away days, facilitated workshops, action learning, team coaching or training sessions, tailored to your needs and always interactive.

“You are so skilled at facilitating conversations and gently drawing out ideas.”

Peer Support Development Worker
NHS Foundation Trust

Time to unlock the power of your team?