Who we are

At TogetherBetter, we are a values-driven bunch with some cracking expertise and track record.

Our Managing Director, Anna Lewis, has over 16 years’ experience in NHS mental health and social care at Director and Board levels. From graduate management trainee to executive director, her passion and commitment for people and their potential is undiminished. Her expertise in working effectively in complex environments is highly regarded, as is her leadership during uncertain times. What’s changed is her belief as to where and how best she can make a contribution to mental health and wellbeing in our workplaces and communities.

After years of working with management consultants as a client, and never quite finding the blend of expertise and understanding she was looking for, Anna decided to create for herself what she sought as a client. And so TogetherBetter was born.

Now, Anna runs a portfolio of strategic and grassroots roles with a strong emphasis on people-powered change in organisations and communities, a significant part of which is pro bono. Her portfolio is carefully aligned with her role as MD of TogetherBetter. Anna is privileged to be involved with the following organisations.

Anna works with a range of associates, with and in whom she shares values and confidence. They include . . .

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Join us as we seek to re-connect the workplace with its people, uncovering the talents, resources, ideas, creativity, experience and energy of every one of us. Together, better.