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Still buzzing

We are all buzzing after your session last week – thanks so much

Associate Director of QI, NHS Foundation Trust

You have a lovely way of keeping people calm and together

You have a lovely way of keeping people calm and together during discussions and that really helped us in those tough times.

Director of Adult Services

Even when I said I don’t believe in myself, you said that I believe in you.

This is a beautiful quote that sums up my time and experience with Anna.

Head of Strategic Planning, University Health Board

Thank you for being so brilliant & encouraging

Anna asked the right questions to make me think about the situation and resolve it myself by thinking through approaches I could take. My confidence levels to work in my leadership role have shifted as a result. I’ve learnt there are many different ways to develop.

Clinical Services Manager, NHS Foundation Trust

Supportive communication throughout

Communication was helpful and supportive throughout the programme of work, and the report was phrased helpfully too

Service Director, University Health Board

I have already recommended TogetherBetter to others

TogetherBetter deliver a high quality product in a timely way and you gain so much from working with them. I have already recommended them to others.

Director of Partnerships, University Health Board

There are very few consultancies like this one…

Anna is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and supportive. She runs a values-based organisation that has real integrity at its heart. I always come away having learnt so much more than when I started. You get so much more for your money than the outputs you commission.

Executive Director, University Health Board

Coaching tailored to me

Anna’s coaching felt unobtrusive, tailored to me and my style, and most definitely not ‘technique-y’.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Service, University Health Board

Great personal challenge in very safe space

Anna provided very safe space, time and facilitated great personal challenge, with well-timed summarising of my deliberations, and questions that made me explore my responses further.

Asst. Director of Operations, NHS Trust

Highly credible coach; consistently outstanding

Anna is highly credible professionally.  Her listening was consistently outstanding. She used excellent questions to invite me to think deeply. She was genuinely enthusiastic about coaching and what made it most effective.

Head of Psychological Therapies, NHS Trust

Strong ethics, great drive and determination

Anna brings a sharp mind, critical appraisal of the evidence base, strong ethics, great drive and determination.

Associate Director for Mental Health
Clinical Commissioning Group

You enabled us to start working towards our vision

Your knowledge and experience have evolved our thinking and enabled us to start working towards our vision.  You went the extra mile by suggesting other resources which helped to move my thinking on. Thank you.

Clinical Chief Officer
Clinical Commissioning Group

‘”Down to earth” explanations of key concepts and principles

‘”Down to earth” explanations of key concepts and principles by Anna. The relatable and inclusive language used allowed for all to learn equally, and ensure everyone was included in the learning process.

Recovery Lead
Independent Health Care Provider

A true understanding of the issues involved

You have a grasp on the issues at this level that I am afraid I can’t even pretend to get close to.

Programme Director
NHS Foundation Trust

Skilled at facilitating conversations and ideas

You are so skilled at facilitating conversations and gently drawing out ideas.

Peer Support Development Worker
NHS Foundation Trust

Good advice with a healthy dose of challenge

You provided what I think a critical friend should offer – good advice with a healthy dose of challenge.  Being calm, measured and capable was also something that added value to our group.

Head of Business Development
NHS Foundation Trust

Helped me expand and develop my thinking

There have been some crucial moments and conversations which have helped me expand and develop my thinking.

Head of Psychological Therapies
NHS Foundation Trust

A very readable and informative position

Thank you for providing a very readable, sequential and informative position.  You have played a central part in this decision.

Associate Director of Learning and Development
NHS Foundation Trust


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