What to expect

Every situation is different and we do not attempt to convince you of a single way to proceed, so what follows is a guide, not a prescription, as to our approach.

Pre Commission

You get in touch. We talk.  You send us any useful background information. We ask questions, think, reflect and talk some more. This can be achieved in a day or a month.  You set the pace.

We come back to you with what we think we have heard.  We check it out with you. We fine tune it.  Once we are on the same page, we set out some options as to how we might be able to help.  We take you through what each entails, in terms of anticipated inputs and outcomes.

You are in control – so you decide which of the options you feel will work for you best.  And if none of them feel right, we review them together and do better.  If still it’s not right, you are under no obligation to proceed.  We won’t give you the hard sell, and we will be honest if we think we can’t help.

If you do decide to commission us, we raise a glass and on we go…..


We attend to the formalities so we are all clear upfront – we ask you to sign up to what we have agreed, and we set out the terms on which we are working together.  This includes the agreed price for the commission.

We talk about our mutual expectations, needs and goals, and write them down to use as a benchmark and commitment for our work together.

We co-create a plan of action, with clear phases and timescales, resources, interdependencies, risks and mitigation.  We agree who and how we will work together at every step. 

The Real Work

And so the heavy lifting begins, together.  We deliver the plan, regularly checking in to review progress and make adjustments if we need to.  We’re in it together so this is a collaborative journey that enables you to see us out of a job in future! This phase is where the real work happens, so it’s where the majority of our time, expertise and energy is spent.


We complete the commission, having delivered the outcomes and expectations we agreed at the outset.  You are happy and recommend us to your friends! We are happy and recommend you to ours! We’d love to build a longer term relationship with you, and if there’s an opportunity to do that, we are even happier!

Like what you see?

Join us as we seek to re-connect the workplace with its people, uncovering the talents, resources, ideas, creativity, experience and energy of every one of us. Together, better.