How we do it

We are a consultancy, but not as you know it…..

We believe you have all the resources you need to fulfil your ambition. Our expertise is in helping you to discover those resources and putting them to work. We know this to be a sustainable and impactful way to consult in complex environments, yet it’s not what many clients expect.

So, if what you want is someone to come in and tell you what’s wrong, tell you how to fix it and push through a colourful implementation plan with lots of promises about what it will achieve, it’s probably time to click elsewhere. TogetherBetter isn’t about that, and we are scrupulously open about it. Of course, you get great content expertise from us in assets-based leadership, co-production, community development, quality improvement, Board development and so on.

We are proud to know our stuff and 100% committed to advancing our continuous learning.

But we don’t set out to tell you anything. We have well-honed skills in developing a relationship with you, one which is attuned to the human side of organisational life and respectful of the different expertise we each bring. We can’t do our job without you. You are the difference between a sustainable solution and a flash in the pan.

Our reputation depends on the collaboration we build together, so you can be certain we are totally serious about it at every single stage.


And here comes the clever bit. We didn’t make this stuff up.

Sure, it resonates strongly with our world view, but it’s a lot more than that.

We have been developing the way we work over a lifetime. We are inspired by many influences and approaches, and we seek to make sense of what we learn so that we can shape our process and practice to work for you and your goals. You can find out about the people whose teaching and writing have inspired us by looking at our resources and book recommendations.

We add in our own experience, observations, reflections and ideas, and together you get a better offer. This isn’t always easy, and we are always discovering new truths. That’s why we remain curious, open to new thoughts and interpretation, and serious about our own continuous learning. ‘All teach, all learn’ as the IHI puts it.

What to expect

The stages of a commission from end to end
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Join us as we seek to re-connect the workplace with its people, uncovering the talents, resources, ideas, creativity, experience and energy of every one of us. Together, better.