I have been procrastinating about this first blog for weeks.  It’s the last piece of the jigsaw that is my new website (yay!).  I have a deadline looming, and I’ve already put it back several times. I must begin.

But where to begin? Or how?  Lack of ideas?  Quite the reverse.  They are piled up so high I can’t discern between them.  My head is full of new things, or to be more accurate, new perspectives on old things. I can’t (yet) work out which of them matter, which warrant further thought, which should fall by the wayside. This is not a space I am comfortable to occupy.

So does this mean that I can’t begin?  Aren’t ‘highly effective people’ supposed to begin with the end in mind? I’m usually a really clear thinker, yet I don’t seem to be able to string together a logical thought process with a bit of concluding wisdom.

My ‘stuckness’ is a great example of a limiting belief.  I’m constrained by an assumption that is holding me back.  I believe that the ideas overload and consequent lack of clarity that I am experiencing mean that I have nothing that will interest others, and so I have no reason to write about it.  Yet it is bothering me because I need to do it and I have a deadline. 

So let’s turn it around. If I knew I had something interesting to say, what might happen next? Immediately, I am starting to think about possibilities and opportunities, none of which require me to have a perfect answer, but all of which enable me to take a first step towards action.  The question shines a light on new perspectives that were previously hidden in the shadows of my limiting assumption. 

So here I am, towards the end of my first blog, without singling out any one idea from the pile to share, and yet a little bit of wisdom is emerging.  Beginning is just that.  It doesn’t have to be polished, it doesn’t have to be flawless, and the end is a mystery to relish and be curious about.  Liberating, isn’t it? So, as I begin this new blog, and this new adventure, I am paying attention to this and other limiting assumptions I make, that get in the way of progress. 

Perhaps you have a limiting assumption that’s holding you back?  After all, it’s part of being human.  If my jumbled thoughts have prompted the beginning of something in you, then this blog has had purpose in a way I couldn’t have envisaged when I began. Good, huh?

Want to read more about unblocking limiting assumptions?  There’s a lot out there.  My starting point is Nancy Kline’s ‘Time to Think’.  Let me know what you think.